3 easy steps to recycle your gold and receive your funds

3 Simple Steps

If you find that you have an item of gold and not using it or its broken and you no longer want or need it, bring it to a Bullion kiosk near you to get it tested and valued by one of the professional gold buying consultants.
The process commences by the consultant answering any questions the customer may have and by sorting the gold into various carat groups for testing and valuing.

Step 1

Each item is tested using jewellers’ traditional gold testing methods:
  • The consultant views the item with a magnifying glass to determine whether it has carat markings
  • The gold is then rubbed on a textured black touch stone, leaving a faint line of gold on the stone
  • A variety of acid solutions is then dropped onto the gold line, which enables the consultant to determine the actual purity (carat value) of the item

Step 2

To verify that the item is solid and not plated gold, a triangular file is used to gently scratch a line into the surface of the item (in a non-prominent area such as the inside of bangle or ring).

A droplet of acid is placed into the scratched line – if it reacts in any way or changes colour, the item is not solid gold and is most probably gold plated.

Step 3

After the testing is complete the items are resorted into 9ct, 14ct, 18ct, 21ct, 22ct or 24ct groups. Each group is then weighed using a certified digital scale. The carat and weight for each group is then entered into the computer and the price is calculated, payment is immediate using FNB E-wallet or EFT.

Store Locations

Gateway Shopping Centre
Boardwalk Mall
The Glen Shopping Centre
Clearwater Mall
Fourways Mall
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